How To Stay Focused When You Are Writing

Rachel Townsend is a therapist and writer who is about to self-publish her memoir Finding Frank. Here, Rachel shares her experiences for other authors who may be struggling to
remain focussed when writing.

The benefits of writing a mental health memoir

A lot of aspiring authors believe they have a story in them. But sometimes, what they fail to realise it that they are that story. Writing a memoir can certainly be therapeutic, as it gives you the chance to take a step back and analyse your life so far and decide where you want to go next. But writing a mental health memoir, well, that’s something that can help so much more.

What We Look for in a Manuscript

If you’ve found your way to the Triggerhub’s website, the chances are you have a manuscript you’d like to share with the world. How you have found us – be it through social media, recommendations, or simply by Googling – is a minor detail. What really brought you here is what you have written. So, how do we decide whether or not you’d be a fit for our list?

How Can I Fund Self-Publishing?

The cost of a publishing package can feel daunting – especially since ours come with a well-rounded list of services.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fund self-publishing and make your dream of becoming an author come true.

How to Write a Book Synopsis

A book summary or book synopsis is a key component to your book proposal. Writing a good book synopsis can be the difference between having your manuscript accepted or rejected.

When to Consider Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your book is now easier than ever. With low production costs, a higher percentage of royalties and a great degree of control over the finished result, self-publishing is a highly appealing route to having your book on the shelf.

How to talk to your child about mental health

All children will have picked up on the disruption caused by COVID-19, whether they have had to stop going to school, or are just enjoying having mum and dad at home full time. But they will also have picked up, consciously or unconsciously, on the stress and strain that everyone in society is feeling. It’s […]

How to write about your mental health: Advice from 4 authors

Thinking about taking up the pen for some emotional release? Wondering about how to write about your mental health but not sure how to start? We asked four authors about the obstacles and triumphs that they encountered while writing about their lived experience of mental health problems, and their best tips for writing a personal […]

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